hopelessly obsessed with homemade iced coffees

french press coffee.
organic milk.
the teeniest little drop of vanilla.

totally rad.
completely delicious.
a moment of relief from this heat.



hard times ain't gonna rule my mind

I've been trying to settle on a resolution for a month now.

I love that feeling of anticipation for the new year - for new starts and renewed energy and passion for the things that are important. And I was itching for a new year to start. I was itching to start fresh and release myself from the past year.

I felt a new energy rise inside of me at the beginning of the year. Without really having a clear idea of where exactly I want this year to take me, I began to feel hopeful again. And so I found this new hope - a hope and conviction that I would start believing in myself again. That I would have faith. In myself at least,  if nothing else.

Last year was tough. And I let myself feel so overwhelmed.
I know that I'll probably always struggle to sort through all the feelings I have.
I will probably always feel things deeply.
But I know this is who I am, and I don't really mind.
I like that I feel it all.
I just need to keep believing in myself - and reminding myself that I can get through it.

So I had been trying to settle on a resolution.
I think I have finally found it.
And boy-howdy, don't you know, Gillian Welch has turned it into a song. (Or I've turned her song into a resolution. Something like that.)

*and I'm gonna blog more. 
** and I'm gonna finally learn how to make this blog prettier. yee-ha.