a winter sweater.

I've been loving this strange Sydney summer weather.

Yes it's weird, yes it's inconvenient. But I've somehow found a rhythm within it.

For a while there it was a bit nuts, I know. Rainy, humid, cold-all-of-a-sudden, then hot again.

But there's a pattern now. You've noticed it too right? The days are lovely. Sandals and summer dresses weather. Hair in a bun to keep the sticky strands off my neck. 

Then the cool comes at about 7.30pm and then the rain not long after. 

I L-O-V-E it. 

It's the perfect crafting weather, and for me this means knitting. Combined with the fact that I've been feeling pretty hermit-y lately, I've gotten a lot done. 

After un-picking and re-doing the neck line a couple of times, I finally finished this slouchy Rolled Hem Sweater last night. I saw the pattern on Julia's blog and knew I needed to make it straight away. Her pattern was super easy to follow and her pictures were a good reference to work from too. 

I'm not entirely sure that I stitched it up correctly - but I think it works. I might re-do the neckline once more - I think I want it to slouch a bit more than it currently does.. we'll see. 

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