I've been meaning to head out to Cockatoo Island for such a long time now! I missed that amazing festival years ago, I've missed the smaller festivals recently, and even when there were free ferries during last year's Biennale, I still didn't go.

But today! Today, I made it out to this beautiful piece of floating land (because that's what I imagine all islands to be..) and swooned over all the big ol' warehouses filled with rusty machines. But mostly, I got huge artist-envy.

Right now, the island is quietly buzzing with activity as a heap of artists (musicians, visual artists, dancers, performance artists, projectionists and every other kind of awesome art that I don't know how to describe...) prepare for this: the Underbelly Arts 2011. Underbelly has been going for a few years now and this year it looks like this: a bunch of incredibly creative people, one island, a couple of weeks to bring ideas to life and experiment and interact with other artists and the public and then one big old grand festival on the 16th of July to showcase all the work and have a hoe-down on the island.

It's an awesome idea and I love how interactive the process is - both within the group of artists who are creating on the island, and also with the public who can come for a free tour every afternoon up until the day of the festival to poke around and see what's going on.

Man, sometimes I just freaking love Sydney.

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