mid-week mix tape

i have been blasting these tunes so much lately as i go about my days. some old favourites, some new delights. i tell you, that dale earnhardt jr jr fella, he has got a hold of me. cannot stop playing his tunes.

hope you enjoy them.
bel. x


  1. I enjoyed these tunes. thanks! :)


  2. Oooooh, you did that thing I really hate where you put more than one track by the same artist in a play list. But it sounds so pretty that I can't even complain...and I LOVE complaining! So overall, I am unhappy with this play list.

  3. haha max! i thought about that too! i remember reading an article in The Monthly by Paul Kelly aages ago and it was about mix tapes and how you definitely shouldn't do artist double-ups, unless in extreme circumstances where it was just so necessary to do so. haha i love that he he had mix-tape making rules!