ah, well.

another week of blogging, hey?!
hmm... not so much.

i've been slack on the blog-front, i know.

but! i'm back. and to keep up with this week's theme of slightly-slack-blog-behaviour, here are some fabulous links to other blogs who are slightly-less-slack-than-myself!

i love/hate these kinds of blog posts - i love reading other people's but i kinda hate myself for being so damn lazy and just linking to other sites, you know? whatevs. they're amusing. and you can pretend you discovered something new, although really, i discovered something new and passed it on to you, or someone else discovered something and i'm passing it off as my own discovery and passing it on to you. i could talk in circles like this forever, but i'll skip that and just get along to the clicky-clicky part:

- do you know katie? man she is cool. and now i want her top. because it's from such a wicked shop and because sometimes i can't help but just lust over some piece of clothing even though i know it's superficial and ridiculous and i'll probably never buy it, but oh well. (what an intense internal dilemma about a top, hey? my mind is funny like that)

- so while i'm having a moment of clothing lust, why don't we just linger a little while and drool over this top too. it's nothing crazy special, but how colourful and happy and generally great does it look in that image with the floral skirt and fruit and big wooden bench?

- i cannot wait to make these. drooool.

- ahh, this is closer to my heart and not so crazy superficial. will be interesting to see if much does change, or if things keep moving in the same positive, organic direction.

- oh dear. i have massive photo envy. emily at the beetle shack just had another amazing photo shoot with tim coulson. his photos are truly amazing.

- my heart feels so happy when i read about animals being utilised effectively on the land. allan savory is a legend.

- bread making. ahh, so much fun. i gave this recipe another crack last night/this morning. slightly charred results, but that's entirely patty griffin's fault. she distracted me with her fine crooning. i'll forgive her, though.

have a splendid weekend, loyal readers.

bel. x

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